• Skin Lotion OEM

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    Skin Lotion OEM

    Skin Lotion OEM Moisturizer is a liquid cream skin care product, because it looks like white milk, so it is called lotion. Emulsion has a good emollient effect, but also has a moisturizing effect, especially suitable for use in dry spring and autumn. If the skin is neutral,...Read More

  • Moisturizing Lotion OEM

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    Moisturizing Lotion OEM

    Moisturizing Lotion OEM Moisturizing lotion has a good emollient and moisturizing effect, can keep the skin moist. Early emulsions were oil-in-water emulsions. Potassium soap was used as an emulsifier, but it thickened during storage and was not easily poured out of the...Read More

  • Cosmetic Milk OEM

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    Cosmetic Milk OEM

    Cosmetic milk OEM Emulsion is the main moisturizing effect, generally used in conjunction with lotion, is essential skin care indispensable. After cleansing, rinse with water and use it. The lotion is for moisturizing, locks in the moisture of the toner and provides...Read More

  • Oil Control Lotion OEM

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    Oil Control Lotion OEM

    Oil Control Lotion OEM Features: 1. Oil control and soothing factors that soothe skin and control oil secretion, control and reduce oil production. 2. Salicylic acid can deeply cleanse the skin and remove excess old waste keratin. Soothing emollient: Reduce oil secretion, so...Read More

  • Firming Lotion OEM

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    Firming Lotion OEM

    Firming Lotion OEM Invigorates skin's energy, promotes self-renewal of surface skin, helps repair of damaged skin, helps to reduce wrinkles, tightens skin; better permeability, gives skin elasticity; excellent moisture retention, leaving skin feeling water Run, smooth....Read More

  • Whitening Facial Lotion OEM

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    Whitening Facial Lotion OEM

    Whitening facial Lotion OEM Contains triple whitening formula to sequester skin from melanin: Impairs uneven pigmentation in skin Enhances skin's brightness Protects skin from melanin formation In dry spring, autumn, winter and other seasons, any skin needs deep...Read More

  • Brighten Skin Lotion OEM

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    Brighten Skin Lotion OEM

    Brighten skin lotion OEM Cleansing, clearing, hydrating, hydrating, and moisturizing your skin! Solve your dry skin, wrinkles, and cracks in just one minute to make your skin smooth and supple. Efficacy description: It contains rich active ingredients and natural moisturizing...Read More

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