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Can I use no lotion?
Jun 19, 2018

If you don't think it's okay to use lotion, it's a mistake! 85% of the lotion is made of purified water, and the rest is based on different effects. These ingredients are very important. Therefore, the usefulness of lotion is actually very great. So, what are the specific effects of lotion?

Can I use no lotion?

If you don't paint it, look at yourself. The reason is as follows!

The dermatologist pointed out that if the purpose of using lotion is to shrink the enlarged pores during cleansing, then the step of making up the lotion can actually be eliminated. Instead of cold water, the pores can also be reduced.

Nowadays, too many make-up water functions, moisturizing, whitening, tightening, oil control, and even wrinkle-removing are not limited to shrinking pores. The watery texture allows the skin to absorb quickly and the epidermis is instantly moisturized.

The main role of lotion

1. Play as a secondary cleansing of the skin to remove dirt on the skin surface.

2. Firming, astringent effect.

3. Moisturizes, balances facial moisture and oil, leaving the face soft and moisturized.

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