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How does the lotion work? Don't disfigur it
Jun 19, 2018

The ingredients of make-up water are a lot of exquisite, because the make-up water of different ingredients has different efficacy. Therefore, we must be clear about the problems of our skin when choosing a lotion. Only in this way can we make the skin better.

We use lotion every day. However, different styles of lotion have different effects. Therefore, before we use it, we must carefully understand our skin. Only in this way can we purchase products that are truly suitable for us. Among them, some products contain salicylic acid components, which can be very good exfoliation of our aging keratin. If we have dull or often dry skin conditions, then we can use this lotion.

In addition, there are some makeup waters that contain niacinamide. This ingredient can help us to whiten our skin. However, because it has certain irritating properties, we should better control it when we first use it. Dosage, so that you can slowly establish tolerance, so as not to cause excessive impact on the skin. In addition, some make-up water contains vitamin e. This ingredient can also help us whiten, but we must pay attention to sunscreen after using this make-up water.

There are also some make-up water on the market that claim to have whitening, blemish effect, and soon after the use of effective. However, in fact, this type of lotion is added with too much hormone. Frequent use of this lotion will not only make us into the skin of hormonal dermatitis but also lead to excessive levels of lead in the body. Therefore, we must choose those big brands when choosing make-up water. Only in this way can we ensure that its ingredients are safe.

In addition, we should not use too much greed when using it. If a product has obvious effects within a week, then it shows that there are some problems. We better not choose such a product.

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