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How to identify good or bad lotions? Three ways to teach you to identify
Jun 19, 2018

The beauty who identified the make-up water shakes the lotion and shakes it. After shaking it, look at the bubble. The trick here is that if there are fewer bubbles after shaking, it means less nutrients. If there are more bubbles but more bubbles, it may contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a chemical that is irritating to the skin but susceptible to allergies. It can effectively suppress acne, but excessive amounts can burn the skin.

After shaking, if the bubbles are very fine and they disappear quickly, it means there is alcohol. Alcohol is volatile, but after using it will take away skin moisture, causing the skin to dry and damage the skin's protective film. If the bubbles are thick and do not disappear, then it is a good lotion, and the crush can use it with confidence!

Smell, debate is good

In general, lotions are tasteful. Lotion is actually 85% of the ingredients are water, but it will contain a small amount of pigments and spices, but also may add alcohol. Good quality make-up water does not have the taste of alcohol, but the use of poor quality will have a cool feeling, and it will smell a little alcohol.

In fact lotion will contain a small amount of alcohol, but good make-up water will be handled well, and vice versa. A small amount of alcohol in the make-up water can help the skin calm anti-inflammatory, acne muscle is helpful. The lotion with a refreshing feeling has a high alcohol content and is very bad for the skin.

Take a look at the truth

In general, lotions are colored, which is why manufacturers add a little pigment to them. However, if the storage location is improper, or is often exposed to sunlight or stored for too long, the lightening lotion is not good. So take a good look at the changes in make-up water, if it is not good to be replaced in a timely manner.

In addition, the bottle of toner is generally transparent, and if it is non-transparent, do not buy it. Because if it is a non-transparent make-up bottle, all the above tips for identifying quality are useless. Can not be identified after the good and bad make-up water used, the crush must remember!

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