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Lotion with a cotton pad or hand smear
Jun 19, 2018

Lotion can be applied with a cotton pad or applied directly by hand. If you feel troublesome, then apply it by hand, as long as you keep your hands clean. If the lotion is applied on the face a bit sticky or oily, smearing with a cotton pad can make the smearing feel more refreshing and better absorbed.

What kind of skin for the skin

Emulsions can be used for dry skin and dry skin. Most emulsions are designed for dry skin, but now many lotions are divided into refreshing and moisturizing types. The moisturized type contains more oil, which is more suitable for partial dry skin, while the refreshing type has less oil content. It is more suitable for mixed or oily skin.

Use different emulsions sooner or later

The needs of the skin are different day and night, the emulsion used during the day must take into account the UV factor, so it is recommended to choose a protective emulsion with UV efficacy; night skin will automatically enter the repair phase, so it may choose to have whitening, moisturizing, repair Other functional emulsions.

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