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Makeup water's 4 major functions Make-up water is a necessary skin care product?
Jun 19, 2018

It has been widely discussed whether lotion has always been effective or whether it is necessary to use it. When lotion appears on the market at the beginning, its product positioning is “clean”. With the combination of cotton pad and lotion, the makeup, dust and old waste keratin will be cleaned during the wipe process. Now that there are more and more types of make-up water, is make-up water an essential skin care product?

1, lotion for the eye and lip moisturizing

The skin around the eyes and lips is thinner than other parts. If skin care products with too high concentration are applied, it is easy to produce fat particles. At this point, the lotion can be used to provide instant moisturizing effect to the skin. Due to its light texture, it is easy to infiltrate and is not afraid of blocking the pores of the skin around the eyes and lips.

2, oil control lotion oil control

General oil control lotion contains absorption molecules, which can absorb excess oil secretion on the surface. The purpose is to kill the bacteria that cause acne, so it is more suitable for mixed and oily skin.

When you wake up and discover that the hair becomes oily, the make-up water on the dressing table can play a big role. Spray a layer of lotion on the scalp evenly. You can also spray a little more on the hair roots. This will not only relieve the hair out of the hair, but also provide the hair with proper moisture.

3, lotion massage neck can prevent neck wrinkles

The most obvious part of a woman's true age is the neck, in addition to her face. but. There are plenty of people who care only about the face and ignore other parts. When you wipe your face with lotion, gently massage the neck from bottom to top to promote blood circulation and prevent premature appearance of the neckline.

4, make-up water can wipe away horny

Lack of sleep, stress, and uncleanness make skin keratin thick, skin less shiny, and elastic. Diligently doing scrubs, with a make-up cotton dipped in make-up water, in the cuticle thicker nose, chin, forehead and more wiping a few more, horny will be more easily taken away.

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