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Jun 19, 2018

Foot reflexology has a long history in China. Foot plaster is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine foot health care product that is administered subcutaneously through the sole. According to the theory of TCM, there are three Yin Classics and Three Yang Classics in the foot, and the foot is delivered to the corresponding organs through Sanyin Sanyang.

The foot sticks and the soles of the feet, through the role of the foot and related meridian reflex zones, a variety of essence ingredients penetrate and participate in the circulatory system, the toxins retained in the body cells in the cycle of adsorption and accompanying the circulatory system excreted.

The human body seems to be closed. In fact, energy exchange occurs at all times, especially where the acupuncture points are gathered. Foot plaster penetrates through the skin to promote the local microcirculation of the human body and activate the body's own system. Microcirculation, which starts the systemic capillary function and the circulatory system of the blood, discharges sedimentary impurities.

Each of us has several longevity holes on our body. Yongquan Cave is one of them. The foot patch can be attached to Yongquan hole; the Yongquan hole is located in the front third of the second and third toe seams at the anterior depression of the foot and the first third of the heel line. The earliest known medical book “Huang Di Nei Jing” is the earliest known medical book. It said that "the kidneys are out of the spring and the Yongquan people are full of heart." Yongquan is the first point of the foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian. It is also the body's largest export of detoxification and dampness. The body's cold and wet poisons converge through the meridians on the soles of the feet. After the cycle can be discharged in Yongquan. Therefore, Yongquan Point plays an important role in human health, disease prevention, and health care.

Foot Patch promotes metabolism, promotes microcirculation in the body, promotes sleep, relieves fatigue, improves constipation, bad breath and abdominal distension; activates cells, removes moisture from the body, and relieves pressure on the soles and joints.

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