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Take a look at how moisturizers are used!
Jun 19, 2018

Moisturizing lotion is a must-have for autumn and winter. It has a longer moisturizing effect and can lock moisture in your skin. However, it can't be used if you use it! Please come and see how it works!

After the smear sequence has first

Many girls use lotions when they are full-face smears. In fact, when smearing lotion, where the skin is dry, apply it first. If you have not applied any eye cream, you can apply eyeliner first, then cheeks, lips on both sides, up and down, After applying these areas, apply a full face so that these dry areas can be double moistened.

Use finger pulp when applying

When you apply the lotion, do you put it on the palm of your hand, and then touch it on your face? This is wrong! The hand is the most bacteria, so that applying the lotion will make the bacteria on your hands go to your face. When you apply lotion, use the power of your finger, while using the pulp of your finger is the most comfortable.

Massage outwards from the center of the face when applying

When applying lotion, it is necessary to match the movement of the massage so that it is beneficial to the absorption of the skin. When applying, it should be started from the central part of the face and gently pushed outwards, and gently massage until the skin absorbs.

Different skin lotions selection

Different types of skin, the type of emulsion used is also different. In fact, most of the emulsion is designed for dry skin, but if it is marked with "fresh type", it means less oil, it is also suitable for mixed and oily skin .

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