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The role of lotion shrink pores first
Jun 19, 2018

Like a cleansing lotion, lotions have different effects, different degrees of moisturizing, and whether or not they need to be cleaned after use. Xiaobian answers today.

Although the thick texture approximates the lotion, it cannot be said that the thicker the lotion is, the more moisturizing it is. The thick lotion contains more oil, has a softening effect on the stratum corneum, and makes the skin's texture more delicate. Therefore, thick moisturizing lotions that seem to have a better moisturizing effect are often subjective feelings, and are often enjoyed in the mellow feeling of being close to the skin.

However, thick lotion is indeed more suitable for dry skin and sensitive skin, but it is not necessary for oily skin that does not lack oil. It's a big mistake to think that exfoliating lotion has no benefit to the skin. Unless you are a sensitive muscle, it would be a mistake to slap the lotion containing the exfoliating ingredient. Our cuticle is far less fragile than you think. When the stratum corneum is removed, the skin will return to its original 80% within 24 hours.

And salicylic acid, fruit acid, these exfoliating gold ingredients, but also help to clear the pores, to prevent the old waste keratin plug pores problem. So removing old waste keratin should be a daily compulsory course. The skin was lightly rubbed with lotion containing salicylic acid and other ingredients. Do not use too much force on the skin.

After bathing is the best time to use lotion, enjoy it!

After the bath, the pores wide open, which is conducive to penetration of nutrients, so it is the best time to use lotion. Secondly, if there is no added moisture, the internal moisture of the skin will evaporate together with the external moisture, so you will find that if you do not use skin care products after bathing, the skin will be easier and faster to dry. You can apply it once after you have just taken a bath. Wait a moment and then use a high-performance lotion to process it.

Make-up water is especially important for acne skin.

Since acne skin tends to produce excess sebum, attention is often paid to oil control and cleansing, so it is easy to ignore the importance of moisturizing. One of the causes of adult acne is that the metabolism of the skin is slowed down, and keratin tends to accumulate in the pores. In order to restore normal metabolism, the supply of water is naturally indispensable. Therefore, it is possible to suppress excess sebum, regulate the skin, and at the same time, Moisturizing lotion is an essential daily care product.

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