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The role of lotion The three major uses of make-up water
Jun 19, 2018

If you don't think it's okay to use lotion, it's a mistake! 85% of the lotion is made of purified water, and the rest is based on different effects. These ingredients are very important. Therefore, the usefulness of lotion is actually very great. So, what are the specific effects of lotion?

1. Play as a secondary cleansing of the skin to remove dirt on the skin surface.

2. Firming, astringent effect.

3. Moisturizes, balances facial moisture and oil, leaving the face soft and moisturized.

Direct moisturizing

Applying lotion on your face is enough to feed your hungry skin immediately. Leaves skin moisturized directly Moisturizing lotion containing ingredients such as aloe vera, ethylene glycol, acid, amino acids, sorbitol, etc. Moisturizes even more effectively and leaves the skin tight.

Eye, lip moisturizing

Applicable to the skin around the eyes and lips than other parts of the skin, such as high concentrations of skin care products, easy to fat particles. Lotion can be used here to provide instant moisturizing effect to the skin. Due to its light texture, it is easy to infiltrate and is not afraid of blocking the pores of the skin around the eyes and lips.

First aid moisturizing mask

Pour lotion on a mask sheet and apply for 10 to 15 minutes. Instant make-up water becomes a moisturizing mask. Moreover, due to the soft texture, it is easier for the skin to absorb, and it is more effective than the moisturizing mask. Moreover, the procedure of washing off with water can be saved, so that the lotion completely penetrates into the skin, and it is convenient and quick.

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