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What are the types of make-up water?
Jun 19, 2018

The types of lotions can be divided into:

1. Softening lotion: In addition to the basic moisture supplement and moisturizing function, it can also highlight the skin's touch through different moisturizer combinations, the presence of water-soluble polymers, and the amount of alcohol.

2. Astringent lotion: Astringent lotion can inhibit the excessive secretion of sebum and sweat, after use is quite refreshing, is a very good skin care choice for oily skin or summer.

3. Cleansing lotion: mainly used to remove light makeup or as a facial cleansing before makeup.

4. Multi-layered lotion: It is a make-up water composed of two or more layers of liquid. It is divided into a liquid type consisting of an oil layer and an aqueous layer, and a solid type composed of an aqueous layer and a powder. The lotion has the above-mentioned lotion. Advantages, need to shake before use, make it fully mixed before use.

How can you use a make-up lotion for better results? You can use a cotton pad, or you can use your hands to shoot it directly. There are two ways to use a cotton pad. One is to use a finger to hold a cotton pad that has absorbed lotion, and gently pat it on the face. When using astringent lotion, this method is most effective.

Moisturizing lotion can also be used in certain situations. In winter, the skin in the heating room will be hot. The flutter will have the effect of cooling the skin, and it will also shrink the pores. It is also a good idea to pour the lotion on the palm of your hand and rub it directly on your face. This will allow your skin to wake up, but it should be done with your hands clean, and you must be patient and careful with the small parts around your nose and eyes. Oh oh.

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