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Anti-inflammatory Stickers Protect Your Baby's Growth
Jun 19, 2018

The little baby has always been a family's most concerned, so naturally the baby's everything is also the people cares most. Some of his subtle changes, even a slight increase in his body temperature, affect his parents. Experts said: The baby's body temperature increased slightly, you can not take injections to take medicine, is the drug three-point poison, Western medicine for the baby's body is a certain degree of stimulation and will reduce the baby's immunity.

When the baby has a fever, the fever patch becomes a good helper for the mothers, and it is also the most simple and easy method of physical fever.

Infants and young children fever popular in Europe and the United States, has been recognized by many families in China, has become a standing cooling product. When the baby is fevery, just stick a sheet on the forehead or other large blood vessels to achieve a physical cooling effect.

The antipyretic paste is mainly due to its containing polymer hydrogel, which uses the physical principle to concentrate the heat into the jelly, and then takes away the heat through vaporization of water, and implements auxiliary antipyretics for local cooling. In addition, some of the ingredients contained in the antipyretic notes such as peppermint have a cool and cooling effect. The antipyretic paste uses Japanese advanced technology, imported gels, and specifically developed a fever-absorbing patch that is free of pigmentation and no irritation on the back and is a cartoon image for babies. It is deeply loved.

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