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Elastic Cloth Cooling Effect Is Good Cooling Effect
Jun 19, 2018

For the baby, fever is a very common symptom. Many children develop colds when they have the most common upper respiratory tract infection, and more than half of all children experience fever symptoms. After infection in other parts of the body, for example, pneumonia, bronchitis, meningitis can also cause fever. If the child's anus exceeds 37.8°C, it can be considered a fever. If the rectal temperature at 38.5 °C children can use physical cooling method. If the rectal temperature exceeds 39 °C, you must take antipyretics or go to the hospital in time.

Some anti-inflammatory patches on the market are anti-pyretic products that are very popular with many parents. The heat-relief pastes the effect of cooling through the principle of heat absorption by water vapor. In fact, fever is a physical cooling supplies, fever fever in children is a certain effect. Traditional oral anti-fever medicines are absorbed by the stomach and stomach to achieve fever. The antipyretic paste is an external patch. This physical cooling method basically has no side effects. Post-heating stickers can also avoid pain during injection.

Here to remind parents, fever can not solve all the root causes of fever, can only play a physical cooling effect, if it is fever caused by influenza virus, it should go to a doctor in time. Do not delay your illness because fever is not good for your child's brain development.

If your baby has a fever in your home, parents must not panic and must observe the child's mental state and try to find out why they are starting to burn. Give your baby plenty of water during the fever and add fluids. To give the baby warm water, do not drink cold water, because the baby's stomach may also be uncomfortable when fever, or have the symptoms of cough, if you drink cold water will increase these conditions. If the rectal temperature does not exceed 38 °C, you can use an antipyretic gel cooling device, the focus of the wipe is the place where the skin folds, such as infraorbital elbow, abdomen ravine, neck, each wipe in about ten minutes . If the physical cooling does not work, the baby's body temperature continues to rise, then must go to the hospital in time.

At present, there are elastic stretch cloth patches on the market that are produced by our company. They are more comfortable to use than the conventional ones. They are designed for children and are designed with four-way elasticity, no Alice, and cater to the choice of parents and children.

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