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How Many Degrees Of Fever Can Be Used
Jun 19, 2018

Baby fever stickers are familiar to every parent, and may also be a physical anti-fever medicine that every parent has at home. Now, all major chain pharmacies have baby anti-pyretic patches for sale, and they are also very good for sales. They are loved by parents, especially when the season changes. Because of the unpredictable weather, many babies are prone to fever and cold, so parents often use antipyretic stickers as a home-prepared medicine. So, how many degrees of fever can be used?

How many degrees of fever can be used

Fever 37.5°C--38.5°C can be used.

Antipyretic paste is a gel as a carrier, through the evaporation of water within the gel to take away a large amount of local human calories, play a role in cooling, belonging to commonly used physical cooling supplies, can not solve the root cause of all fever, only suitable for fever 37.5 °C - -38.5 °C, once the fever exceeds 38.5 °C, you cannot rely solely on physical cooling, and you need medicine to cool down.

Under normal circumstances, the effect of an antipyretic patch lasts 4 to 8 hours, depending on the instructions of the antipyretic patch purchased. If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5°C and the body is still in a fever condition, it can always be attached to an antipyretic patch. Generally, there is no side effect. If the heat is removed, it can be removed.

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