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Pediatric Fever Paste Processing Manufacturers To Quality
Jun 19, 2018

Many agents who want to process pediatric fever sticks will pay attention to the price when they talk about evacuation and affixing and processing. Some customers will ask for price when they come up, and if the prices are too high, they will say how low the prices of other manufacturers are. , do not consider the quality of children's fever stickers.

With the rise of the overall economic strength of the Chinese people, people are paying more and more attention to product quality. In particular, fever patches are generally used when the baby has a fever. Many are now single-parent families, and parents are good at using children. Products do not use poor quality products. Therefore, on behalf of the processing of children's fever stickers must be based on quality.

Pediatric fever sticks are generally suitable for babies older than 3 months. Baby's skin is delicate and sensitive. If the quality of the anti-inflammatory product is poor, it will cause baby's discomfort. Even if the price is too low, parents will not buy it again. It is difficult to achieve secondary sales. Or multiple sales. Now, many of the mothers of the masses like to communicate with WeChat or QQ groups. If someone says that the quality of the anti-inflammatory patches used is not good enough, they will always remember that they will not buy them in the next group. Greatly affect the sale of fever patches.

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