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Pediatric Fever Stickers Market Saturation, Only Innovation Can Develop
Jun 19, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid increase in the number of pediatric fever manufacturers, the market for pediatric fever patches has become saturated, and the sales of pediatric fever sticks have been hindered. This has led to deep thinking among manufacturers of retort pastes, and the future trend of pediatric fever sticking market how is it? Let's find out more specifically.

Innovation can help companies develop better. Once our antipyretic patch market was opened, it quickly became the new darling of Baoma, and the sales volume increased rapidly. After the research of Sanmenxia Brocade medical device, the blue cloth blue plastic and blue cloth white plastic were launched in the case of white cloth white plastic market saturation. Quickly attracted the attention of agents across the country, the company's sales increased rapidly, but in the imitation of other companies under the blue cloth blue plastic, blue cloth white plastic anti-hot products and spread all over the country.

Medical fever patch

In the situation where the market is becoming saturated, our company has added a new aluminum-plastic plate packaging heat-removal sticker on the basis of the original. The aluminum-plastic plate packaging's heat-removable stickers are not easily deformed by extrusion and are deeply loved by people. Recently, the company has also developed a medical elastic heat-relief patch, four-way stretch fabric, and the skin is more difficult to fit, weak acid, no spices more suitable for baby use.

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