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Physical Heat Paste - A Small Helper To Solve Your Baby's Fever Problem
Jun 19, 2018

After investigation and statistics, the proportion and frequency of fever symptoms of babies under 1 year old are very high. Children at home have a fever and become the primary problem that bothers parents. How to make babies as painless as possible and recover as quickly as possible is also for parents. Urgently want to know, experts recommend you a small helper - parachute fever stickers.

First, baby under 1 should use physical cooling. The baby below 1 year old is delicate and immune system is not suitable for the use of chemical anti-fever drugs and antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc. Currently, there are reports of antibiotics harm to the baby. Therefore, the parents must communicate with the doctor carefully when taking the baby. Do not try not to use antibiotics as fast as possible. Experts recommend using a physical cooling method and using a parachute fever stick. It is safe and effective, helps cool the baby quickly, and protects your baby's brain. There are also certain cold packs, cold towels, etc. Effect.

Second, babies under 1 year old can cooperate with massage. In the use of fever paste at the same time, but also with children massage, parents can learn pediatric massage techniques for the baby massage, release heat poison, ease the condition, in fact, children massage can be used as a daily sexual health method, prevent baby fever in advance, improve the baby resistance.

Antipyretic stickers are popular in European and American countries and have become a home-made anti-fever product. When the child is fever, he can achieve the effect of physical fever by sticking one sheet on the forehead or Dazhui points. The reason why it can play the role of fever, because it contains a polymer hydrogel, the principle of moisture vapor in the colloid, the body heat away, so as to play a role in physical cooling, adjuvant therapy is the best choice for fever!

Parachute embossing stickers can reach more than 80% moisture, physical cooling time can last up to 8 hours, hydrophilic polymer gels, mint ice sheets, etc., breathable printed non-woven fabrics, soft, odor, light, flexible, activities Free, reinforced paste no shedding. China's first aluminum plastic independent packaging. Beautiful appearance, highlighting the product quality. Good barrier properties and high strength. The domestic technology is more advanced to produce anti-hot stickers. Parachute fever stickers are the high-end products that have been brought together for more than a decade.

It can be seen that the parachute fever stick's key function is to quickly cool the physical, protect the baby's brain, and continue to work for 8 hours to ease the baby's discomfort. How can your family get such a small helper?

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