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Use Of Lotion
Jun 19, 2018

Make-up water is generally a transparent liquid that removes dirt and oily secretions from the skin, maintains moderate moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin, promotes the physiological effects of the skin, softens the skin, and prevents rough skin and other functions. Lots of types of lotions can be classified into lotions, astringent lotions, and soft lotions, depending on the purpose of use. The main components of make-up water are purified water, ethanol and isopropyl alcohol.

The procedure used for general lotion is to use it before makeup, after the face has been cleansed, to supplement facial moisture moderately, and to shrink the pores so that the skin can easily absorb other cosmetics such as powder, eye shadow, etc. The use of makeup remover is to shrink the skin pores and slightly clean the skin, especially the remaining cosmetics on the face. Some people think that the use of lotion is not necessary, only replace with clear water.

1, from the inside of the refrigerator to take out make-up water itself is relatively cool, put it in the refrigerator is not easy to degenerate, use it more comfortable.

2, make-up cotton penetration lotion. Tightening up the cotton pad to fully absorb the lotion will not be wasted.

3, gently tapping. Tapping gently can increase the skin's absorption of moisture and nutrients, but do not wipe it away.

4, make-up cotton wet compress 3 minutes. Let the skin calm and moisten with moisturizing lotion for 3 minutes in areas with large pores.

5, light pressure with the back of the hand. Press gently with the back of your hand and check that the cool temperature is not evenly distributed.

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