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When To Use Lotion
Jun 19, 2018

Many people think that lotion is optional. In fact, make-up water is a very important part! It can even supplement water and nutrients for the skin, it can promote the rapid absorption of the follow-up skin care products and so on. If too little or too much is applied, the lotion will not be able to exert its hydrating effect. Any cream that is applied later will not be fully absorbed. It is also important to use make-up water whenever it is used. The effect of applying lotion is not the same at different times. So, when is the best time to use make-up water? Let's take a look at the time when Xiaobian shares the lotion.

Key points: Make-up water must be used every day

Make-up water must be used every day. When it is used, it is generally not applied directly on the palm of your hand. Because there is a layer of skin on the palm of your hand called "transparent layer", the water will absorb quickly. When you put the lotion into the palm of your hand, half the amount before you use it on the face has been sucked by hand, which is wasteful. Therefore, a cotton pad is generally used. Pour out the amount that can penetrate to the opposite side, wipe gently on the face, and gently tap the face with astringent water to achieve the effect of converging the skin. After beating, I feel that the cotton pad has gradually dried, indicating that the water has been absorbed by the skin, touch the face, moisturize the cool, and at this time can best experience the comfort after using lotion.

Key points: After cleaning your face, use it before your face is dry

After cleansing the face, it is best to use it before the face is dry. Use a lotion to soak the cotton softly on the face to promote absorption. Pay special attention to these usually easy-to-dry areas around the eyes and corners of the mouth. Make up with lotion. It also has the effect of secondary cleaning. After using lotion, you can use emulsion or cream according to your personal needs. It is best to squat before the water has absorbed but not dried.

Key point: Increase the amount of skin when your skin is particularly tired

In general, the amount of emulsion used will not exceed the amount of lotion, about the size of a dime coin. However, if you sometimes feel tired or dark skin, it means that the skin needs more moisture and nutrients. At this time, it is necessary to increase the usage, and use two or three coin-sized quantities to make the skin get more. Moisture and nutrition.

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