Medical Patches

  • Essential Oil Patches

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    Essential Oil Patches

    【 product name 】 essential oil paste. [specification and model] specification 3.0cm * 3.0cm--20.0cm x 20.0cm; Special specification: make according to customer's requirement in standard range. This product is composed of backing layer, gel paste and mucous membrane. The...Read More

  • Essential Oil Eye Patches

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    Essential Oil Eye Patches

    1. The essential oil eye patch has bright eyes, anti-oxidation and invigorating blood, which has a high moisturizing effect on dry skin, and has a strong ability to repair the wound. To the wind and the sun, the night sleep is not enough, the computer radiation to the skin...Read More

  • Hydrogel Patches

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    Hydrogel Patches

    [product name] hydrogel paste [Specifications] specifications 3.0cm × 3.0cm - 30.0cm × 30.0cm; Special specifications: Made according to customer requirements within the standard range. [Structural Performance] This product consists of a patch and a mucous membrane. The patch...Read More

  • Medical Cooling Patches

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    Medical Cooling Patches

    [product name] medical cold patch [Specifications] 3.0cm 3.0cm 3.0cm 4.0cm 3.0cm 5.0cm 4.0cm 4.0cm 4.0cm 5.0cm 5.0cm 5.0 cm 5.5cm 7.0 cm 5.0cm 7.0 Cm; 6.0cm×6.0cm; 6.0cm×7.0cm; 7.0cm×7.0cm;7.0cm×8.0cm; 8.0cm×8.0cm; 9.0cm×12.0cm; 8.0cm×10.0cm; 10.0cm×10.0cm; 10.0cm x 12.0cm;...Read More

  • Fever Cooling Gel Patches

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    Fever Cooling Gel Patches

    [product name] annealing paste. [specification and model] specification 3.0cm * 3.0cm--30.0cm x 30.0cm; Special specification: make according to customer's requirement in standard range. [structural performance] the product consists of non-woven fabric, menthol,...Read More

  • Breathable Tape

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    Breathable Tape

    [product name] breathable tape. [specification model] 6.0cm x 6.0cm,7.0cm x 7.0cm, 9.0cm x 12.0cm, 13.0cm x 17.0cm, Special specification: make according to customer's requirement in standard range. [product description] strip or sheet paste material, divided into elastic...Read More

  • Nonwoven Fabrics Tape

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    Nonwoven Fabrics Tape

    Non-woven tape, non-woven adhesive tape, non-woven plaster adhesive, non-woven plaster cloth Non-woven breathable adhesive tape, non-woven plaster cloth, non-woven film plus ring plaster patch, non-woven plaster cloth paste Product structure: Non-woven fabric, hot melt...Read More

  • Spunlaced Nonwovens Tape

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    Spunlaced Nonwovens Tape

    Spunlaced breathable adhesive, spunlaced plaster, and spunlace plaster Product structure: Spunlaced cloth, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper composition. According to customer needs can be added impermeable membrane, impermeable ring. product Product...Read More

  • Plain Cloth Tape

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    Plain Cloth Tape

    Plain cloth tape, plain cloth breathable tape, plain cloth plaster cloth, Plain cloth tape is also called plain cloth breathable tape, plain cloth plaster cloth The plain weaving non-woven fabric tape is non-irritating to the skin and can fix the plaster. It only acts as a...Read More

  • Elastic Cloth Tape

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    Elastic Cloth Tape

    Stretch cloth plaster cloth Colour stretch cloth plaster cloth Skin tone stretch cloth plus ring plaster cloth, Material: Imported medical pressure sensitive adhesive + High elasticity soft skin cloth The Third, use: wound paste plaster paste medicinal tape The Fourth,...Read More

  • White Cotton Tape

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    White Cotton Tape

    White cotton tape 1. Affinity with strong affinity for drugs, and without any modification or influence on the drug, it is ideal for adding a variety of therapeutic drugs. This product uses a special neutral formula, can add traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine;...Read More

  • Cotton Cloth Tape

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    Cotton Cloth Tape

    The use of red cotton plaster cloth has a wide range of applications, and it is easy to operate, convenient and quick. This section is a double-sided cotton cloth (a red side of a white) dedicated to the old traditional black plaster paste thicker anti-penetration solid The...Read More

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