Surgical Dressing

  • PU Film Tape

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    PU Film Tape

    PU membrane adhesive tape PU membrane method of use: put from type paper uncovered during use, and then put the modulation good ointment or plaster in the seepage control in the middle of the circle, the direct stick on the sore, close to the skin after hang empty outer layer...Read More

  • Non Woven Fabrics Breathable Tape

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    Non Woven Fabrics Breathable Tape

    Non-woven tape, non-woven adhesive tape, non-woven plaster adhesive, non-woven plaster cloth Non-woven breathable adhesive tape, non-woven plaster cloth, non-woven film plus ring plaster patch, non-woven plaster cloth paste Product structure: Non-woven fabric, hot melt...Read More

  • Spunlaced Nonwovens Breathable Adhesive

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    Spunlaced Nonwovens Breathable Adhesive

    Spunlaced breathable adhesive, spunlaced plaster, and spunlace plaster Spunlaced breathable adhesive tape is also called spunlaced cloth plaster cloth, spunlaced cloth plaster cloth stickers Product structure: Spunlaced cloth, medical pressure-sensitive adhesive and release...Read More

  • Plain Cloth Breathable Tape

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    Plain Cloth Breathable Tape

    Plain cloth tape, also known as plain cloth breathable tape, plain cloth plaster cloth, can be added according to customer requirements and use the appropriate materials, play a fixed role The plain welt tape is non-irritating to the skin and can be used to fix the plaster....Read More

  • Elastic Cloth Permeable Adhesive Tape

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    Elastic Cloth Permeable Adhesive Tape

    Elastic cloth plaster cloth is also called skin color stretch cloth plaster cloth. There is something added according to customer requirements called skin color stretch cloth plus film and ring plaster cloth Plaster cloth can be added to the film according to customer...Read More

  • White Cloth Breathable Stickers

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    White Cloth Breathable Stickers

    White cotton plaster paste is also known as white cotton plaster cloth, according to the customer's requirements and the use of different can be divided into intermediate composite high temperature film and composite paper, but also made into the middle plus ring plaster...Read More

  • Cotton Cloth Breathable Stickers

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    Cotton Cloth Breathable Stickers

    Red cotton breathable adhesive tape is also known as red cotton breathable tape, red cotton plasters, which can be customized according to the use and customer requirements. Plaster cotton cloth is made plaster stick a very good choice, it is compared with other materials to...Read More

  • PU Film Medical Rolls

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    PU Film Medical Rolls

    PU membrane coil advantage: Waterproof, breathable Not sensitized High elasticity, able to adapt to joints Transparent, visible Antibacterial 1) Film application: 1, after surgery and various types of trauma shower waterproof, sweat, dressing on medicinal, especially...Read More

  • Medical Non-woven Wound Rolls

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    Medical Non-woven Wound Rolls

    Product name: non-woven tape (coil) Purpose: used to process wound dressing, infusion and plaster. Ingredients: made of non-woven fabric (fabric, color cloth), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive for medical use, medical separation paper (imported 90g or 120g parting paper)...Read More

  • Medical Spunlaced Nonwovens Wound Rolls

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    Medical Spunlaced Nonwovens Wound Rolls

    Spunlaced fabrics are used for medical curtains, surgical gowns, surgical cover cloths, medical dressings, wound dressings, medical gauze, aerospace wipes, garment lining base fabrics, coated base fabrics, disposable materials, instrumentation senior rags, electronics...Read More

  • Medical Elastic Cloth Wound Rolls

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    Medical Elastic Cloth Wound Rolls

    The highly elastic skin-color cloth is coated with a low-sensitivity medical hot-melt adhesive, and the back side is coated with an unwinding agent to form a moderately thick release paper. The backing material is soft, light and breathable. Product Features: Sticky and...Read More

  • Medical White Cloth Wound Rolls

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    Medical White Cloth Wound Rolls

    Cotton cloth has good hygroscopicity and breathability; the fabric is soft and glossy; the touch is soft but not smooth Product use: used to process plaster cloth, traditional plaster cloth Ingredients: White cotton cloth, medical hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, medical...Read More

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