Surgical Dressing

  • Spuncloth Cotton Cloth Adding Film and Plaster Paste

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    Spuncloth Cotton Cloth Adding Film and Plaster Paste

    The absorbent cotton substrate is based on a medical rubberized backing fabric, cut into different size patches according to customer requirements, and a layer of absorbent cotton is added in the middle, which is suitable for liquid preparations requiring long time external...Read More

  • PU Film Composite Plaster Cloth

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    PU Film Composite Plaster Cloth

    How to use PU film: When using, remove the release paper, put the prepared ointment or plaster into the center of the impervious ring, and apply it directly to the affected area. After the skin is tightly closed, the outer layer of PE will be applied to the skin. The film...Read More

  • Double Red Cotton Fabric Compound Plaster

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    Double Red Cotton Fabric Compound Plaster

    The cotton cloth plaster cloth produced by our company is the most widely used plaster base cloth for traditional plasters. In particular, red cotton cloth has always been a kind of plaster cloth favored by many new and old customers. The color is beautiful, and the single...Read More

  • Double White Cotton Fabric Compound Plaster

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    Double White Cotton Fabric Compound Plaster

    Plaster cloth type: medical non-woven fabric, anti-sticking cloth, cotton cloth, etc.; moderate thickness, no leakage! Can provide a variety of models, sizes, requirements and other traditional plaster cloth! Price Description: According to the specific size, fabric, drug...Read More

  • Compound High Temperature Film Compound Plaster

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    Compound High Temperature Film Compound Plaster

    The structure can be divided into single-layer cotton cloth and double-layer cotton cloth. The single-layer cotton cloth is composed of a layer of cotton cloth and a layer of kraft paper or white paper. The application time is about 45 days; the double-layered cotton cloth is...Read More

  • Eye Patch

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    Eye Patch

    Essential oil paste to upgrade the new packaging, add plant essence, 1 box of 20 stickers, dilute fine lines, bags under the eyes, dark circles, relieve eye fatigue. Responsible agents for the world, Meslan oil-free essential oils - does not mean that there is no fragrance,...Read More

  • Foot Patch

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    Foot Patch

    According to the theory of TCM, there are three Yin and Sanyang Classics in the foot, and the foot receives the medicine and passes the corresponding organs through Sanyin Sanyang. The foot sticks to the sole of the foot and the related reflex zones on the sole are...Read More

  • Breast Patch

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    Breast Patch

    Product performance: Breathable, firmly bonded, low sensitization rate, prevent edge-to-edge, anti-infiltration, side leakage prevention, appearance, paste time (1 - 3 days) Product specification: 6×7 diameter of medicine circle 2CM round Shapes: round, square, rectangular,...Read More

  • Plum Blossom Paste

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    Plum Blossom Paste

    Plaster cloth is a kind of high-density non-woven fabric. The plaster is made of vegetable oil or animal oil. The plaster is glued into the cloth, paper or leather and can be applied to the affected area for a long time. It is mainly used to treat sores. , swelling and pain....Read More

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